Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday season...grrrrrrr

'Tis the season! Of cookies and fudge and peanut brittle and carry-ins at work! Of unwanted pounds and time off from a normal schedule, whereby for the most part people skip their workouts as well!! Then come January, everyone is moaning about the extra pounds and being out of shape... sound familiar? I know that I am cursing not only the biggest eating holiday of the year, but my sedentary fall that together have graced my body with yet an extra 10 pounds that will take A LOT of effort to work off! I am currently in the middle of a three week dream job- working the front desk at the fitness center in the Cox Ohio building as the Holiday "Go-To" temp. Heck of a title, but for a three week gig, I don't really get an official title. I am grateful to my friend Kate for thinking of me to fill in for her- she got a great promotion!- in the time between her leaving and her replacement starting. I am learning a lot about corporate fitness and what goes on day-to-day. I have taught a Zumba class here for awhile now, so lots of familiar faces, but now I know what time and days they come in to work out, what equipment they use, and some I have even learned their names! ;) Seriously, I am enjoying my time here and will be disappointed to have it come to an end after next week... I was hoping that since I am in such close proximity to all this workout equipment that I would somehow lose some extra weight, but crazy enough, nothing has happened! Guess I have to actually get on the equipment and SWEAT in order for that to happen... Note to self! lol
All kidding aside, I will be happy to return to school and a very hectic schedule. Not having a piece of chocolate or mint shoved at me every time I turn around will help too... although now that I have a wonderful recipe for home-made Thin Mints, I don't know that life will ever be quite the same again... ;)
I hope that in this season of family time and gifts and giving that each of you remember to give an important present to yourself: to make time for yourself over the next week and a half. Whether it is getting in all your normal workouts, or just making sure you take some time to sit and relax and enjoy your surroundings.
I hope you all have a wonderful holiday! Until next time...

The future depends on what we do in the present. - Mahatma Gandhi

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Carol Weimer said...

Hooray for Gina....I'm thrilled to see you back at SZ...I'm headed back there myself after my achilles surgery. Hope to see you soon!!!