Thursday, February 21, 2008

"I am too busy..."

I realized a lot of things this past week... Turning 35 doesn't give you this magical power to suddenly have control over time and getting things done like I thought it would. ;) Seriously, in the back of my mind I thought that at some point everything would fall into place, just because it should. Then I really started to think about that whole theory- and came to some startling conclusions. I realized that for a long time my life has controlled me... to the extreme. I know now why I haven't been successful at losing weight- I am so "busy" doing so many things that I am doing nothing well. Well, that is probably being overly dramatic... but I think- nope, I KNOW that I could do so much better than what I am doing now-- at everything. From keeping a schedule- to organizing my garage (gee, can you tell what I have been putting off?)- to being able to give more of myself to my family. In trying to find a solution, I think it is really about prioritizing. I mean, I find time to play plenty of games on Webkinz (whoever came up with that whole concept is a genius, but that is for another blog!) or to IM with friends late into the night, but I can't seem to find time for so many other things that are truly important in my work life- or my family life. hmmmmmmm I think this is something that I really need to ponder further on my own.

Wow-- that was some deep inner exploration there. I realize now that a weight loss journey is so much more than eating right and getting enough exercise. You have to find out why in the world you got that way in the first place! Deal with it, then you can conquer the rest!!! And no more excuses! Losing weight needs to become a priority for us overweight people---I hear lots of reasons why people can't come to class or can't commit to a program. Work, school, family, home. Of course all of these things are important, I am not hinting otherwise. But to the people who struggle with this issue-- don't you think that each part of your life would improve if you were healthier and happier? Think about it... you work out a schedule (there is that s-word again!) where you can have time for YOU. I think everyone is happier when they schedule "ME" time. Whether it is for a workout or a massage... it is caring enough about YOURSELF to take care of you. Because if you can't take care of you-- how can you expect to take care of everything else?

Lots of deep thoughts tonight... I wish I had answers and the perfect solution for everyone. I know part of the answer for me is Zumba! :) I know it can be part of yours too!